Our People

Genoa Design International currently employs over 80 people, including designers, administrators and technical support staff. With people and partners spanning Canada and the US, Genoa has a presence in key shipbuilding hubs across North America. Our New Orleans team supports projects in the Gulf Coast area, and our growing team in Vancouver supports Canada’s national shipbuilding work underway at Vancouver Shipyard.

Our Newfoundland team, Genoa’s largest worksite, coordinates the company’s project management efforts as well as training and development, finance and administration. The Newfoundland office also has the largest design team, supporting multiple projects at any given time.

Genoa has a culturally and demographically diverse team, with talented folks hailing from countries around the world. A balance of young professionals and more seasoned staff makes Genoa an engaging and energetic place to work.

What makes us exceptional?

Most of Genoa’s design team members are graduates of the Marine Institute of Memorial University, and College of the North Atlantic, globally recognized leaders in educating naval architecture technologists, marine systems designers, and mechanical engineering technologists (the three primary program graduates that we hire.

Core to Genoa’s success is a commitment to our number one value: Put employees first. By serving people well, we serve customers well. We believe in offering employees a satisfying, challenging and balanced work environment where they can take part in a wide range of opportunities. This includes continuous improvement, leadership, continued education, career advancement, wellness programs, profit sharing, and Genoa’s overall employee benefits program.

Interested in joining the team?

We regularly seek talent in the fields of naval architecture technology, marine systems design, HVAC, electrical and equipment design, project management and administrative support positions.

If you believe you align with Genoa’s core values and possess skills and experience that support our mission and vision, please send along your resume and cover letter. Really want to go that extra mile in impressing Genoa’s recruiters? In your cover letter, tell us a story about the last time you truly lived one of Genoa`s core values.

Please send all recruitment-related questions and submissions to jobs@genoadesign.com.

Here at Genoa, Continuous Improvement (CI) and problem solving is an everyday occurrence. We are not afraid to challenge long-standing operational practices if there’s something that might work better, we don’t just settle for good enough. At Genoa, CI is an attitude and part of our culture, and each and every one of us have been empowered and challenged to make CI a part of our daily routine so that we can rise to the next level.

~ Natasha Smith, Project Planner