Our business model is the model.

Our Approach

The Genoa formula is simple: Put people first. Drive the model. And never, ever stand still. Our quest for quality and continuous improvement is at the heart of all we do.

At Genoa, close collaboration with stakeholders begins at project launch, and continues throughout the entire vessel lifecycle.

Our team of model drivers provides checkpoints at every step, ensuring maximum precision, and ultimately, project efficiency.

With a watchful eye on industry trends, we explore the latest tools and technology in our in-house R&D lab before they hit the market, and adopt those that will serve our customers best.

In the Genoa Academy, we equip employees with the latest tools and best practices, preparing them for rapid advancement in their respective fields.


Launch-to-Launch Support

Genoa gets to the table early and stays well after others leave. From preliminary planning to construction to final decommissioning, Genoa’s 3D model remains the hub for collaboration, integration, and lifecycle support.


One Team

Working as one team with our customer, we align on a common goal together: on-time, on-budget programs. Through the 3D model hub, we get all hands on deck – purchasers, engineers, designers, builders, operators – to make the right decisions at the right time.



Genoa’s model management team details each of the ship’s parts and systems as well as their interdependent relationships. Precision in the model means precision in the build.



Optimizing the virtual ship leads to a clean construction program – meaning adherence to schedule and budget – leaving plenty of reasons to celebrate.



Continuous improvement is the backbone of our success. We take pride in finding any chance to do the job better.



Ever forward-looking, Genoa’s team keeps a close eye on people and technology. We aim to deliver what’s needed and forge what’s possible in digital shipbuilding.