Genoa Design Announces Support for the SPCA’s ‘The Way Home’ Campaign

February 26, 2024

At Genoa Design, a strong commitment to community engagement comes from the corporate value of Making a Difference. One initiative the company is proud to support is ‘The Way Home’ campaign, spearheaded by SPCA St. John’s as the organization moves toward the construction of a new animal shelter for the Avalon Peninsula.

During a recent employee conference at the Emera Innovation Exchange, Genoa was so excited to formally present a corporate donation of $37,500 towards the construction of the new shelter. This is part of a $150,000 commitment that Genoa is making over a five-year period.

At the event, Genoa also aligned its team-building exercise with the SPCA’s needs. As teams raced around the building on Signal Hill to complete tasks for prizes, they also prepared more than 20 care packages for pets at the shelter, which consisted of food, toys, litter boxes, and cleaning supplies.

In the fall of 2021, the ‘The Way Home’ campaign launched to raise funds for the construction of a desperately needed new facility to replace the current building, which is cramped, difficult to maintain and sanitize, and too small to meet the ever-increasing need for services. This expansion will accommodate more animals, reduce waiting lists, ease stress on fostering families, and minimize reliance on offsite support and services.

The SPCA St. John’s has served the community for over seven decades. Annually, they care for approximately 1,400 animals, providing essential services such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worm treatments, vet checks, and FIV/FELV testing for cats. Ninety-seven percent of the funds required for SPCA operations come from community members and through sales at their thrift stores.



“At Genoa, our values are much more than words on a poster; we live them every day. Through our core value of Making a Difference, we encourage employees to go that extra mile to strengthen their communities. We then do our best to include those causes close to employees’ hearts in our community engagement plan. That’s how the SPCA program came together. We have a lot of pet lovers on the team and the new SPCA shelter is near and dear to our hearts.”
– Gina Pecore, CEO, Genoa Design International

“It was a pleasure to join Genoa recently and so much fun seeing their team work together the way they did to support the SPCA. We are just so thankful for Genoa Design’s support of The Way Home campaign as we move closer and closer to making our new shelter a reality. We are really excited about the SPCA’s future in the community.”
– Natashia Reddigan, Manager of Fund Development, SPCA St. John’s