Genoa Values Scholarships

For this edition of All Hands on Deck, we’re excited to share with you a new initiative we’ve begun with long-term community partner, Marine Institute (MI). MI is where we recruit many of our students and new graduates, and where Genoa founder, Len Pecore, was named the first ever recipient of the Marine Institute Alumni Award in 2019. We look at our investment in education as a full circle impact; we support students, who then become contributors to the industry and the community, and often times even find a home here at Genoa.

“Much like Marine Institute, Genoa is passionate about education and continuing to build our ocean technology workforce locally” – Laurie Balan

This spring, we proudly launched two Genoa Values scholarships, valued at $2,500 each.

Our culture is our greatest asset, and what is driving our culture? Our core values. It is for this reason that we thought it only fitting to center these scholarships around MI students’ embodiment of these values in their own lives.

The awards are divided into the following categories:



Awarded to an individual who was successful in overcoming exceptional challenges through displaying one (or more) of Genoa’s core values. This could include overcoming challenges faced such as a career move, family/personal circumstances, financial situation, personal health, etc.

Recipient: Andrew Pennell

In a true moment of serendipity, we were excited to find out that Andrew is part of the next group of work terms students joining Genoa this summer!



Awarded to an individual who displayed one (or​ more) of Genoa’s core values in their community involvement, volunteerism, and community spirit. This could include involvement with organizations, giving back to students/ peers, and generally what they do in support of better/healthier/stronger community.

Recipient: Kaitlin Squires


We are sending a huge congratulations and good luck to these recipients!

In lieu of an in-person awards ceremony this year, Marine Institute hosted a virtual event. See the video below to hear from our own CTO, Laurie Balan, introduce these awards!