A Podcast Series That’s Making Waves


Genoa Design’s new podcast series takes the pulse of the defence and shipbuilding industries.

It’s been over two years since the Canadian Defence Security and Aerospace Exhibition Atlantic (DEFSEC Atlantic) held their annual in-person conference. Naturally, burning questions about the state of the industry were top of mind for attendees – Where are things headed? What opportunities lie on the horizon? What disruptions exist around the bend?

Genoa created the Making Waves podcast series as a space and a platform during the conference for people to reconnect and share their insights on the industry. It was an opportunity for companies to start a conversation, learn from one another, and together empower the entire ecosystem.


Two Days. 26 Guests. Unlimited industry insight.

At the helm of the Making Waves microphones are two seasoned podcast hosts and industry insiders, Allan Dale and Gerry Carew from Gale Force Wins. They interview a diverse slate of guests, from Navy Admirals and leading-edge tech CEOs to Arctic specialists and cybersecurity gurus, and everything in between.


Overheard at DEFSEC

Making Waves lived up to its name. The conversations reverberated buzz throughout the conference floor, and beyond. From the ways big data will change everything to the opening of the Arctic to the disruptive tech that should be on everyone’s radar, here are just some of the topics that perked our ears up.


Defending our land, air, sea.. and data

Cybersecurity has moved to the top of the defence sector agenda. Allen (Al) Dillon, Co-Founder and CEO of Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions revealed that certain adversaries have “hacker armies” made up of over 500,000 individuals. Al talked about what’s keeping him up at night when it comes to digital security, and the critical need for academia, business, and government leaders to collectively rise to the challenge and get this country’s cyber agenda right.


That new ship smell

A common theme throughout the series was the highlevel of optimism and incredible opportunities ahead for the Canadian shipbuilding industry. The key tthe next stage of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), and “building it into something that lasts,” says RCN Rear-Admiral Brian Santarpiawill be strengthening even further the collaborative link between the armed forces and private industry. 


Thinking inside the box

Imagine module containers that could plug into navy ships, essentially adapting the vessel for any kind of current or future service required. Thanks to Rene Bertelsen, CEO of SH Defence that idea is now reality. Learn how Rene’s radical concept is poised to rock the industry’s boattransforming how we think of ships and their capabilities. 


Looking at oceans through a digital lens

Canadian ocean-tech companies (from start-ups to multinationals) are propelling the blue economy forward at breakneck speed from sea to sea to (increasingly) sea. Learn how leaders like Karl Kenny, Founder and CEO of Kraken Robotics, Emily Smits, COO and Co-Founder of Modest Tree, and Melanie Nadeau, CEO for the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) are creating a rising tide in the industry that’s helping to float all boats.


Tune in

Genoa will be streaming selection of Making Waves episodes over the coming weeks. In the meantime, because the conversations were too interesting to sit on, you can access all interviews (and a goldmine of great informationright here.